8 Types of Video Game Jobs

As in every industry, we can say that the building block in the game industry is the team. With the right job definition and awareness among team members, growth is sure to be rapid. We have compiled 8 types of video game jobs and their definitions to guide you.  

Software Developer and Computer Programmer

A game developer is a software engineer, programmer or computer scientist who primarily develops a code base for video games or related software such as game development tools. Game programming has many specific disciplines, all of which fall under the umbrella term of a game programmer. A game programmer should not be confused with a game designer working on a game project.

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Game Designer

Game designers are responsible for designing what a game consists of and how it is played. They plan and define all the elements and components of a game (such as Structure, rules, story flow, characters, objects that characters can use, accessories, gadgets and devices, interface design, and game modes).

Game designers are employed by both independent and publisher-owned development studios. There are no specific entry requirements for game design roles, but most new entrants are graduates of visual communications design, media or communications faculty.

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Concept Artist, 3D Artist, UI/ UX Artist

An integral part of the video game development team, visual artists make video games come to life visually. Using different softwares, they create a series of images that make up the images in a video game, including the characters and the environment. Artists also deal with packaging designs that make games stand out on store shelves.

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Audio Engineer

Audio engineers use computers and electrical equipment to create soundtracks for video games. They are responsible for everything you hear while playing the game. They give voice to characters, create sound effects and record background music.

Game Writer

Writers take on multiple roles in the video game industry. Screenwriters create the stories the games are based on and write the dialogue for the characters. Technical writers create the documentation and instructions that accompany the game.

Video Game Tester

Game testers provide quality assurance (QA) for companies that produce video games. They make sure that the games work properly and that the instructions and documentation are clear. They identify problems and bugs and report their findings to designers and developers.

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Interpreter and Translator

Translators convert the dialogue of characters into other languages. Translators change instructions and other documents from their original languages to others. Their job is what allows companies to market their games to an international market.

Technical Support Specialist

Technical support professionals are the link between video game companies and the players. They work in call centers where they help customers who have problems operating the game and related equipment. Technical support specialists answer questions via phone, online chat, and email.