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What is QA Tester?

What is QA Tester?

A QA (Quality Assurance) tester is responsible for detecting problems with new software products such as games, web products, or mobile apps. Performs various tests on the software. Identifies problems and runs debug programs as needed.

What Does a Software Tester Do? What are their Duties and Responsibilities?

A QA tester's primary job is to develop and execute test plans to identify software problems and identify their causes. Other responsibilities of professional professionals are:

  • Carrying out various tests on new software products to ensure that the programs meet the requirements,
  • Running debug programs to identify and fix problems
  • Creating automated test scripts to support test plans
  • Generating reports outlining the types of errors found and the steps taken to resolve them.
  • Working collaboratively with software developers to identify potential for bugs, assess risks, and resolve issues before new software is complete.

How to Become a QA Tester?

In order to become a software testing specialist, it is necessary to graduate with a bachelor's degree in Software Engineering, Electronics and Communication, Electricity and other related departments of universities that provide four-year education. Also by education academies ISTQB etc. testing expertise certificate programs are organized.

Qualifications That a QA Tester Should Have

  • To be strong in analytical and mathematical thinking,
  • Detail oriented work
  • To be able to report,
  • Adapt to teamwork,
  • Complying with work deadlines,
  • Having problem solving ability
  • Ability to work with minimal supervision
  • Demonstrate excellent verbal and written communication skills.

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